Sunday, September 19, 2010


Aye ya'll. Waiting for this video to load so thought that I'd jot down a post. This weekend has been one of the worst weekends in a while. I HAD to make a tutorial and for some reason not clear to me, someone out there in the universe did not want me to make it. My first attempt to make it was on Tuesday of this week. Sat down to record and my Webcam wasn't being recognized when I plugged it in for some reason. So I called Staples, had them put a new one at the front counter for me, hopped in a cab, and went and picked it up. When I got home, excited for my new Webcam purchase, I plugged it in and it to was not being recognized! So I called my laptop maker, Toshiba. I called the Webcam makers, Logitech, and sat on the phone with both of them for over an hour trying to figure out what in the world could have been the issue. Their conclusions: They had no idea. Some help right. So I decided to record it with my Digital Camera. Long story short, the issues did not end there. It is now Sunday, Sept. 19 at 11:35 pm and I am just now finally uploading this damn thing. Not to mention I uploaded it, then had to delete it because due to some copyrighting issues my video would not be visible in the UNITED STATES!!!!! Go figure. I've uploaded about 20 videos and none of them have ever done this! Suddenly the one I NEED to do gives me a million and one issues?! So thank the LORD, I am finally done. Let me not say that though because it has finished loading in Pinnacle and I still have to upload it to Youtube. I don't want to jinx myself lol. Alright, enough of my ranting. I hope you all enjoyed your weekends. Now enjoy your week! XOXOXO

Sunday, September 12, 2010


And I could not be happier! I have come to the conclusion that although it is important to love and cultivate your natural hair, I personally look better with longer hair. It better fits my face shape. I have a HUGE head, in my opinion lol,and shorter hair tends to only accentuate it. Of course after my previous install in February in which I used my Virgin Indian Hair from, I HAD to get my hair from them again for this install. It hands down is the BEST hair that I have ever used and I am hooked. It is so soft and lightweight. It is absolutely BEAUTIFUL and flawless and I am soooo pleased. Tomorrow I am recording an in depth Review as well as a Kim Kardashian Inspired hair tutorial and I can't wait to share with you guys how great this stuff is. Anyhoo, it has been extremely gloomy and rained all damn day. I hope tomorrow is much better. I intended on filming today but the lighting was horrible due to the weather so it was a no go. I'm going to go and make some din din and watch the 4th season of Dexter, which by the way, you MUST check out if you haven't already. I've watched every episode up until this point and am hooked. Well alright then kiddos, be safe and until the next time, STAY FABULOUS!!! XOXOXOXO

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hola Amiga's and Amigo's lol

I uber suck at blogging, but I try lol. I've been on a little Youtube and Blogging freeze for a little bit. But videos and blogs are definitely coming soon. Here are a few of the videos that I will be doing in the near future: 1: Favorite Shopping Websites: Makeup and Clothing 2: Flawless face Tutorial 3: Winter Weave Install 4: Flat Ironing Tutorial 5: Hair Washing Tutorial/Regimen If you have any suggestions PLEASE feel free to let me know through my Youtube channel or email: As for whats been going on with me, not very much has changed from my last blog post. I am still trying to conserve my funds and be fiscally responsible. It has been EXTREMELY hard but I am VERY VERY proud of my dedication. I have slipped once or twice, but for the most part I have been very good. I haven't bought any new makeup in the past month or two! That is definitely worthy of applause lol. If you follow my videos or my Facebook you know that I have been wearing my hair natural since July 4th. It was just WAY to hot and I wanted my hair to breath. Here is a picture of when I first removed my weave. I tried styling it a few different ways but can honestly say that I TERRIBLY miss my extensions and can not wait to pop some back in lol. That brings me to some really exciting news that I have but will wait to mention until it is finalized. But when it is it will be mentioned on my Channel. Well that's all I've got, I will leave you with a photo of my hair progress. It has grown alot and I have no idea why. I have still been using the same Aphogee products, which if I might add smell AMAZING! Stay fabulous my loves and I'll TTYS! :-)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Hiya folks :) I know its been awhile since I wrote on here, but hey...I'm trying. So I'm about to start getting heavily into my videos. I'm going to try to upload about three per week. But I want to make sure that whatever I am uploading is of some substance. Of course a few makeup tutorials. I have one or two reviews on some horrible products that I purchased. I think that I am going to do one on neat websites where you can purchase affordable cosmetic products. Ummm, I haven't been clothes shopping very often so I don't think I'll be doing any fashion videos. Tomorrow I think that I am definitely going to do a celebrity inspired look. I just want to make sure I find a really interesting one. I already saw one that I liked for Kim Kardashian, but it seems so cliche to do one of her. It seems as though almost every Guru on Youtube has done one of hers. I was requested to do a eyebrow tutorial but I don't really know how good of a tutorial that would be seeing as though I hardly do anything to them. :-/ But a hair wash and blow dry was also requested, so maybe I will do one of those. ANYHOOOOOOOO.....Nothing much is really going on. Me and the hubbster will be moving into a new place in a little over 4 months so we are trying to really conserve our funds and be fiscally responsible. So there hasn't been to much shopping or going out lately. I am planning to visit my older sister in the OC next month...and I CAN NOT WAIT!!!!! I have literally had to avoid all clothing sites so that I do not shop. Once I go to one and see something cute I will begin to talk myself into reasons why I HAVE TO have that! And then if I am able to leave the website without purchasing anything, I feel depressed and upset with myself for not buying it. So I've definitely been on a clothes shopping detox. But this does not go for makeup, I've been spending waaaaay to much lately. Maybe I will do a slight haul, I dunno. Well alrighty then, I think I've got my blogging out of the way for now. I will leave you with a couple recent looks that I've done. THANKS FOR READING LOVES <3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Where I've Been....

Hello everyone!!!
I miss making videos. I'm going to be filming another tutorial tomorrow. YAY!! I had a chica bonita request that I do a tutorial speaking the directions which I might do in the future, but I find it much simpler to use written instructions, especially right now....I am oh so sick. I think that I got the flu and my voice has been coming and going for about two weeks now :-(. I tried filming a video yesterday and I sounded like a man, lol. I am in the process of filming some hair videos consisting of my 4 Favorite types of Human Hair extensions, hair care as well as styling. As soon as I get my voice back I will get right on those. As far as shopping goes I haven't bought any new makeup this month, yay for me! But I have bought an excessive amount of shoes, 15 pairs to be exact. I know .... tis tis. As far as clothing goes I've been really in to tank tops. Studded, beaded, tank tops. I've boughten a couple of pieces from Forever, Great Glam, and Torrid but nothing I consider blog worthy. I do have a couple pieces in transit from Torrid though, so I will wait until they arrive to give the verdict. I am on the other hand very excited about my shoe purchases. Let me just show you and then discuss:
These are my babies! They haven't arrived yet but I can't wait to coordiante an outfit around them. I think that with a shoe like this you have to let the shoe shine so a fitted v-neck and some skinny legs would suffice.
I also purchased these three and am in love with them. They are EXTREMELY comfortable. Although I have not received the wedges yet, wedges are comfortable by default lol :-). I also purchased these three pieces:
Can't wait to have my way with these babies and accessorize them. All of these items were purchased from and are still in stock. Happy Shopping to you all and I'll talk to you soon. XOXOXOXO :-D

Saturday, March 6, 2010


I'm so sleepy my eyes look like two little slits in my face, lol. I just finished editing my ENDLESS.COM review. It should be up tomorrow. My shoes got here, YAY!!, and I liked some and was disappointed with one so make sure to check that out. I hope everyone has a great weekend, and a safe one as well. I'm going to this comedy club tomorrow night to see Joe Derusa, (I think thats his name). Please Please don't disappoint Joe, I beg of you. Alright, nighty night my loves. XOXOXO

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Shopping, Shopping, and more Shopping

My first love, and then make-up. Lol, needless to say if you've watched my hauls, I've been doing alot of it lately. But yesterday I lost complete control. Please understand, that I am seriously wondering if I have an issue. I'm not rich! I don't have money to waste, but once I am in front of this computer screen and see something that I enjoy, I MUST HAVE IT!! I woke up yesterday and had a hankering for new shoes. Unfortunately, my computer wasn't far away and I hopped on line and began rummaging through my favorite sites for something special. And I found 8 SPECIAL SOMETHINGS!!! Horrific, I know, but nevertheless, they are soooo cute. And I am going to take this poor decision making of mine and turn it into a positive by showing them to you and hopefully you can go and purchase these if you think they are cute, or find something that you equally enjoy on these sites. Alrighty then, so for those of you who don't know about, let me share. That is my new favorite site for shoes. They have the cutest shoes in sizes all the way up to a 13 ( for those ladies with larger feet). And I'm not talking about a few pairs of fashion don'ts, I'm talking about relatively to super cute shoes. So here are the ones that I picked up: Aren't they DELISH!! Okay so I order them on the 2nd, Tuesday, and the Ros Hommerson's arrived today, the 3rd. The others are scheduled to arrive tomorrow. They have free shipping on all of their shoes. On certain shoes they have free overnight, which was the case with my Ros Hommerson Pumps. On the rest it is basically 2nd day Air. This is fabulous. I am addicted to them and will be ordering many more. Here are their names in the order of the way they are placed above. 1. Bordello by Pleaser Cheetah Peep Toe Pump 2. Bordello by Pleaser Giggle Peep Toe Pump 3. Jessica Bennet Luca Two Piece Dress Sandal 4. Ros Hommerson Maxine Pump Now I've ordered shoes from Torrid before but was no so wowed with their service, but there shoes are the cutest. So I ordered these babies: 1.Beige Snake Print Suri Heel 2.Black Crinkle Maggie Peep Toe Bootie 3.Ivory Nice Heel 4.Taupe Benice Heel 1 and 4 were shipped today and should be here Saturday. I'd say that's pretty good shipping. Alright, I'm getting carpal tunnel. Nighty Nite. XOXOXO

Sunday, February 28, 2010


My computer has been giving me issues. BUT I'M BACK!!! WOO-HOO!!! Tomorrow I'll be filming a haul video and possibly a tutorial. I'll be doing one for sure on Tuesday though. It's just such a bitch to edit videos on my laptop. I have very little memory right now and I have to delete something every time I make a new one. I'm thinking about getting a Macbook VERY soon. Anyhoo lol, I've been doing lots and lots of shopping in the past month and have purchased a bunch of goodies so make sure you tune in for that. Ummm, I can't think of anything more to say right now. I'm going to try to keep up with this a little more frequently now. OH and yes, I think I'm going to make a video, or maybe just a blog post with some good Plus Size (Plus Size being a 12 and up) sites for you women who have a little more cushion for the pushin, lol. I think you'll like these sites. Alright, till 2morrow, stay beautiful. :-)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Today feels like a Sunday

1/18/2010 8:03 p.m. Today was sooooo boring. I really did nothing but lay around my apt and watch television. The most eventful part of my day was cooking dinner. Oh wait, okay, I'm making a website to showcase my make-up looks. Its more something to do out of boredom but I'm getting really into it and can't wait until its finished. It's quite complicated though so it might take a while. So I cooked dinner. I've been putting doing that off for a week now. I'm so used to just ordering something when I'm hungry but I'm trying to be more fiscally responsible. I made salisbury steak (I think I spelled that wrong, but whatever). So I've seen Avatar twice and I am friggin in love with this movie. It's so beautiful and captivating to watch. I definitely have to have it in my movie collection. I can't wait till it comes out on Blue Ray. Not too much to say today. Tomorrow I'm doing another make-up video. I'm still trying to decide what sort of look to do. In closing here are a few of the looks that I LOVED from last nights Golden Globe ceremony. Till next time, stay fabulous!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Late Night Online Shopping Reliever

1/18/2010 12:37 a.m.
So I'm having the online shopping itch, and honestly, this could be extremely detrimental to my bank account in the future if I don't get a hold of it now. So I am going to try just blogging about the items that I want to buy and then going through them later when I am in a "sane" mind and only purchasing a couple of them instead of every last one. Uggghh, alright this current moment I'm bouncing back and forth between Sigma's website and Brush111. I intend on purchasing Sigmas Professional Brush set next month, but I'm fighting the urge to do it at this very moment.
I also want all of their new shadows. They are just so damn cute.
From, I just wanted to see the quality of their "immitation" MAC brushes. See if they are anything like the real thing. They just made another set that look closer to the real things with the silver binding and brush numbers.
Then from the Lillyland collection from MAC, there were alot of pretty colors that came out in this collection, but none that I would wear with my skin tone. I do want the pearlmatte eyeshadow and the 168 and 239 brushes. I also wasn't too impressed with their All races, sexes, etc. collection.
And lastly, but certainly not least, oh my goodness I was soooooo mad. I went to purchase the Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows and it was OUT OF STOCK. I think I actually felt tears well up in my eyes, lol, just kidding. But I am going to stalk Urban Decay until they re-stock. Its such a beautiful palette. I'm in love.
Alright, not lastly. Because I just went to Torrid's website and almost made a purchase. It actually was a very reasonable price, but I just told myself that I have enough shoes that I haven't worn and are collecting dust that I need to buy another one at this moment. But next month doesn't count, or..tomorrow night, lol. I'm really feeling the blue booties. Torrid has some really cute shoes for reasonable prices.
Alright, I've relieved it..... for now that it is. I'm sure I'll be back tomorrow. Or maybe even sooner, considering if I do this every time I get the urge to buy, more than likely so. Till then.....