Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hola Amiga's and Amigo's lol

I uber suck at blogging, but I try lol. I've been on a little Youtube and Blogging freeze for a little bit. But videos and blogs are definitely coming soon. Here are a few of the videos that I will be doing in the near future: 1: Favorite Shopping Websites: Makeup and Clothing 2: Flawless face Tutorial 3: Winter Weave Install 4: Flat Ironing Tutorial 5: Hair Washing Tutorial/Regimen If you have any suggestions PLEASE feel free to let me know through my Youtube channel or email: As for whats been going on with me, not very much has changed from my last blog post. I am still trying to conserve my funds and be fiscally responsible. It has been EXTREMELY hard but I am VERY VERY proud of my dedication. I have slipped once or twice, but for the most part I have been very good. I haven't bought any new makeup in the past month or two! That is definitely worthy of applause lol. If you follow my videos or my Facebook you know that I have been wearing my hair natural since July 4th. It was just WAY to hot and I wanted my hair to breath. Here is a picture of when I first removed my weave. I tried styling it a few different ways but can honestly say that I TERRIBLY miss my extensions and can not wait to pop some back in lol. That brings me to some really exciting news that I have but will wait to mention until it is finalized. But when it is it will be mentioned on my Channel. Well that's all I've got, I will leave you with a photo of my hair progress. It has grown alot and I have no idea why. I have still been using the same Aphogee products, which if I might add smell AMAZING! Stay fabulous my loves and I'll TTYS! :-)

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