Sunday, September 12, 2010


And I could not be happier! I have come to the conclusion that although it is important to love and cultivate your natural hair, I personally look better with longer hair. It better fits my face shape. I have a HUGE head, in my opinion lol,and shorter hair tends to only accentuate it. Of course after my previous install in February in which I used my Virgin Indian Hair from, I HAD to get my hair from them again for this install. It hands down is the BEST hair that I have ever used and I am hooked. It is so soft and lightweight. It is absolutely BEAUTIFUL and flawless and I am soooo pleased. Tomorrow I am recording an in depth Review as well as a Kim Kardashian Inspired hair tutorial and I can't wait to share with you guys how great this stuff is. Anyhoo, it has been extremely gloomy and rained all damn day. I hope tomorrow is much better. I intended on filming today but the lighting was horrible due to the weather so it was a no go. I'm going to go and make some din din and watch the 4th season of Dexter, which by the way, you MUST check out if you haven't already. I've watched every episode up until this point and am hooked. Well alright then kiddos, be safe and until the next time, STAY FABULOUS!!! XOXOXOXO

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